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12th March 2013

BA Econ in Amsterdam

The BA Econ Society hit the city of Amsterdam for their annual trip.

After surviving the January exams last month, the BA Econ society was back with its legendary trip abroad. This time, 165 students from the BA Econ society took over Amsterdam for three days.

While some indulged in cycling along the stunning streets of Amsterdam, some visited breath-taking historic sites such as the Dam square, Anne Frank’s house and the Heineken museum, to name a few. The brave few chose the path of exploring coffee shops and sex shows.  The BA Econ made the most of their time in Amsterdam by fully experiencing what the nightlife had to offer. Tochim Eduputa explained: “On the first night, we hit Dansen bij Jansen, one of the most popular student clubs in Amsterdam. New friends were made, potential couples were realized and most importantly, we showed the Dutch how to party University of Manchester-style. On the second night we took on Amsterdam’s famous ultimate bar crawl. Let’s just say our BA Econ bar crawl T-shirts were bright and so right, as it was indeed ‘A night you would not remember but never forget’.’

Rich Edwards said the trip was “a perfect end of exams bow-out” and the nightlife was “crazy and at some times very surreal.”  However the BA Econ society did not just go to Amsterdam for a long weekend of drunken revelry; they also made the most of being in European city with such a rich culture: “In the daytime, we faced the streets of Amsterdam to embrace the culture and appreciate the incredible architecture. Everyone did their own thing in the daytime and we reconvened to go out together at night.”

BA Econ hold a trip abroad every year, so although you missed out this year there is always next time. They are also holding an end of year ball at the Palace Hotel on the 27th of April; the theme will be Cirque du Soliel so keep your eyes open for ticket sales.

For more information on future trips and the end of year ball you can Email:[email protected]

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