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Great British Menu Drinking Game

Following the success of our Great British Bake Off Drinking Game, we thought we’d introduce the Great British Menu Drinking Game, the format of which is no less formulaic. Enjoy!

1 finger

The chefs antagonise each other

Every time ‘Comic Relief’ or ‘Red Nose Day’ is mentioned

The name of a dish includes a play on words

A clip of a chef shouting a food order in his/ her own restaurant

The word ‘quirky’ is used to describe the food


2 fingers

If the chef fails to inject any humour into the dish

The chef cooks something that resembles a red nose

When judging, instead of open criticism, the judge sceptically asks the chef a pointed question


3 fingers

A chef makes a mistake and the narrator implies they’re going to be ‘late to the pass’

A dish is awarded 4 or less

Every time a dish is based on a classic joke e.g. Why did the chicken cross the road?

Liquid nitrogen is used to cook something


Down your drink!

A chef is late to ‘the pass’

A dish is awarded a 10

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