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12th March 2013

Society Swap

This week Rosie Webster of the She Choir trades places with Molly Byrne from the Dance Society

Rosie Webster is a member of the University of Manchester She Choir and went along to a beginners’ tap dance class.

How did you find the beginners’ tap session?

I really enjoyed it, although I definitely found it pretty tough! It is so fun to do a dance that also makes music. I even learnt how to do a ‘Susie Q’, although not sure I quite mastered it. It is a very rewarding thing to do because you can see and hear the improvements. Although you can also hear yourself go wrong and so can everyone else.

What really impressed you about the way the session was run that you could apply to She Choir?

It was very prompt at starting, which was good and which we could perhaps do better at She Choir.  It has got me thinking that it would be great to incorporate a bit of dancing into our choir, though I’d definitely have to check first with the other girls on that one.

What were the bad things, if any?

Perhaps there wasn’t enough of a warm up or stretch session at the beginning. The warming up bit in She Choir is always an excuse to mess around a bit and have fun.

How well organised was it?

Pretty well organised I think, although the class was quite small. But that suited me as I was a bit nervous, so I was glad there were not a lot of people watching.

Is it what you expected?

 It is noisier than I expected, and perhaps more exciting. There is something quite empowering about the effect you can have just by tapping your toe on the floor, especially when you are in sync with the people next to you. It is also more of a work out than I imagined, and I realised there is more to it than just what you do with your feet. It is important that your whole body embraces the rhythm. I think I had associated it too much with being forced into a leotard in nursery school and hadn’t realised what a great dance it is.

How did you find the instructor?

Very helpful, I think she was really good teacher. She was really nice and smiley and very patient of people’s varied abilities. She was also really good at tap, which was quite intimidating, but very impressive. She was lovely though, and really supportive even when I was clattering about. And she picked good songs, we were all tapping away to Britney Spears!

Would you go again?

I think so – I have been practising a couple of the moves around my kitchen.

Would you recommend other societies taking part in the society swap? Yes

Score out of ten? 


Tap Classes are from 6pm – 6 45pm on a Thursday. Check the Facebook page for the location:

Molly Byrne is the Chair of the Dance Society and she went along to a rehearsal with the University of Manchester She Choir.

How did you find the rehearsal with the She Choir?

I had a really great time, everyone was very approachable. There was definitely a family atmosphere and I could tell how well everyone gets along in the society. It seemed to be really relaxed, in a good way.

How well organised was it?

We were a bit too early and they were a tiny bit late but it was very well organised once we got going. One of the society members called Ruth conducted and I thought the songs we were taught were really well prepared.

What was the thing that really impressed you about She Choir, which you could apply to Dance Society?

I think the main thing which struck me was the relaxed atmosphere, I could tell the people who were there had a genuine passion for singing in a choir and everyone was so welcoming so I wasn’t made to feel like a visitor.

What were the bad things, if any?

The only drawback was on the day there was no pianist, which was a shame because it would have been fun to have the music from the piano. However I am pretty sure they do normally have a pianist but she just wasn’t there that day.

What did you think about their songs chosen to sing?

The timing was difficult to get the hang of but I was really impressed that she took it on and it sounded lovely.

Would you go again?


Would you recommend other societies taking part in the society swap?

Absolutely! It’s a great way to meet new diverse people, have fun and it’s great publicity for the societies involved.

Score out of ten?


If you want to join the She Choir, they rehearse at 5pm on Wednesdays at the Catholic Chaplaincy opposite the Student Union. Or find them on Facebook: 


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