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19th March 2013

Smoker’s regret

Taking up smoking ‘biggest regret’ for Mancunians

Taking up smoking is the ‘biggest regret’ for Mancunians, a survey has revealed.

Over 2,000 adults were surveyed by E-Lites, and 86 per cent of smokers say they wish they had never started.

Failing to quit smoking also filled people with regret, with refusing to stub out earlier in life being fourth on the list.

While lighting up was the biggest source of remorse, the survey also shows that Mancunians have, on average, seven regrets about their life.

People also beat themselves up over not saving more money, allowing themselves to get fat, and not getting better exam results, amongst others.

Losing your virginity to the wrong person was fourteenth on the list, and ‘being too sensible’ rounded off the list at 15.

“I don’t regret smoking because I love smoking!” said Sam Blackledge, a third year Zoology student.

“Well, I hate everything about smoking except actually smoking.”

“With all the health aspects, you know it’s horrible, and you shouldn’t, but it’s really nice.”

“I quit about four times but I keep going back in times of stress – like an election campaign.”

Other students had mixed feelings.

“It’s my biggest regret,” said second year Philosophy student Adam, “but I wouldn’t make a different choice if I was in the same position.”

“It’s brought me a lot of things – I’ve got a lot of girls out in the smoking area. You can’t talk in the club, but you can talk in the smoking area!”

The survey comes on the heels of news that Manchester has the highest smoking-related death rate in England.

Data revealed by the London Health Observatory last month shows that between 2008 and 2010 there were an estimated 372 smoking related deaths per 100,000 people in the city – a higher figure than anywhere else in England.

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