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28th April 2013

Winner of Photography Competition announced

Peter Chinnock has won The Mancunion’s Photography Competition this year

Congratulations to Peter Chinnock who has won The Mancunion’s Photography Competition this year.

Peter impressed the judges with a series of images depicting life on the Oxford Road corridor. His work displays tremendous technical skill as well as a sensitivity and understanding toward his subjects.

Here’s how he describes his work: “I see photography as a way of documenting the world around me. My main passion is Architectural photography, Manchester has some fantastic buildings but most of these can’t be found on Oxford road unfortunately. Last year I did a photo project in which I took a photo a day for a year. Over this time I developed a real passion for street photography and street portraits. I see it as a way of telling stories, setting scenes and understanding areas and communities. I found myself walking to and from uni last year a great deal so I could get a photo for that day. Over this time I built up quite a range of different portraits and scenes. There are a great deal of homeless along the road. I talked to a fair few, all very pleasant people with great stories to tell and all very happy to have their photo taken. I enjoyed the conversations much more than I imagined, it really helped with my confidence too. 99% of people are more than happy to have their photos taken. They just need to be asked!”

Peter, a second year Architecture student, wins £100, as well as the chance to join our photography team for 2013/14.


Last year Peter undertook a project where he took a photo everyday. Here’s one of the images he took that we loved. “99% of people are more than happy to have their photos taken. They just need to be asked!” says Peter.
Joe Sandler Clarke

Joe Sandler Clarke

Joe Sandler Clarke is the head of student media at the University of Manchester. He was longlisted for Amnesty International’s Student Human Rights Reporter of the Year in 2012. He was a News Editor at The Mancunion in the year 2011-12

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