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DIY: layered chain necklace

Making your own jewellery is a great way to increase your array of accessories without the price tag. It’s really simple and you can buy all sorts of different coloured and sized chains, beads and ribbons from the bead shop in Affleck’s Palace. Here is a step-by-step guide of how to create a statement necklace within minutes.

What you will need:
– Chain cutters
– 3 pieces of silver chain, different sizes
– 2 jump rings
– A clasp

DIY necklace image 1

Step 1:
Get the largest chain and cut a piece 16 inches long. Then cut the medium sized chain to 17 inches and the smallest to 18 inches. When the chains are laid out they should look like the above picture. Making them different lengths will
allow the chains to layer and hang nicely.

Step 2:

Open up one of the jump rings and put the chains on it in order of size, starting with the largest. When you close the jump ring all the chains should be held together in the correct order. Repeat on the other side making sure to keep the same order.

image 3

Image 4

Step 3:
On one of the jump rings attach the clasp that you can then use to put on and take off your necklace by attaching it to the other jump ring. And voila, you have a new, original statement necklace.

image 5

Wear with a black roll neck jumper, tartan trousers and some cut out boots for a perfect winter-chic look. You can also embellish the necklace with studs or beads to make it more detailed.

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