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University of Manchester announce full divestment from fossil fuels

//Breaking: University of Manchester announce full divestment from fossil fuels More

Face your fears day

Tomorrow (Tuesday 8th October) marks the UK National Face Your Fears Day. This could be an interesting day for everyone who decides to take the plunge and confront their worst nightmare, and it could have a life-long effect on some.

For many of us, spiders, heights, ghostly happenings and darkness trump the list of things that scare us the most, but I suspect it might be quite difficult to arrange a bungee jump or a séance within the next 24 hours. However, it would be a perfect day to get over the small hang-ups that linger in everyday life: for example, go and tackle that 400-page book that you’ve been meaning to read, go and apply for that job that you don’t think you have a chance of getting, or find that person you’ve had a crush on since your Fresher’s week and let them know you fancy them.

You could even use this day to transform your lifestyle, such as joining a fitness class that you’ve always been too shy to attend, or signing up for a fun run. Go to the doctor’s about that health concern you’ve had for a few weeks, or book an appointment to the dreaded dentist that you’ve avoided since you were a toddler. Try and whip up a recipe you’ve never attempted before, or, for the rather undomestic readers, tidy your floordrobe or put on your first load of washing! Don’t let the term ‘fears’ restrict you or make you feel as though you have to do something extravagant to accomplish the aim of the day; use it to your advantage. For all you know, the smallest change to your life could make the biggest difference.

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