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Beth Currall Articles

Becoming social life savvy

Want to see your friends all the time but can’t afford the costs of nights out? Why not try these penny-saving ideas to keep you occupied

It’s a date!

Struggling for ideas this Valentine’s? No fear, Beth Currall has your date night sorted, whatever kind of valentine you are this year


Has the world of social networking distorted our views on happiness and success? Beth Currall thinks so

It’s beginning to look a lot like bankruptcy

Christmas is a difficult time for us penniless students, so Beth Currall provides the best tips on how to give the most special of gifts, without maxing out your overdraft…

SPOTTED 18/11/13

Seen someone out and about who you just can’t get off your mind? Or fancy letting someone know JUST how much they annoy you? This is Spotted. We’re here to help.

It’s a boy girl thing

Can men and women ever really ‘just’ be friends? Beth Currall and Lewis Johnston argue both sides of the coin

Designer dieting

Is king of fashion Karl Lagerfeld’s diet plan as satisfying as his Chanel creations? Beth Currall investigates…

Warehouse awareness

Following the recent death of one man and the hospitalisation of several others at the Warehouse Project, it’s more important than ever for students to be aware of drug-taking risks.

Face your fears day

No, it’s not Halloween come early, national Face Your Fears Day is creeping round the corner this week…

Travel Guide: Barcelona

Beth Currall reports back on her late summer break in Spain’s second largest city.

Making the Cut

Worried you don’t fit in, or having trouble making friends? You’re not alone…

Confrontation: yay or nay?

Should you speak your mind or keep your mouth zipped?

How to become the ultimate awkward situation dodger

As the academic year draws to a close, are those drunken mistakes becoming too much to handle? You’re not alone.

Blind Date: Lewis and Helen

Will French student Helen be speaking the language of love to blind date Lewis- or could they end up lost in translation?

Blind Date: Charlotte and James

The making of a first year fairytale? Will Charlotte and James live happily ever after (in Fallowfield)?

Mum’s the word

What we students have our mums to thank for this Mother’s Day

Valentine’s Day: the debate

Is V Day a commercial hoax or is it a truly romantic tradition? Lifestyle investigates.