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6th March 2013

Blind Date: Charlotte and James

The making of a first year fairytale? Will Charlotte and James live happily ever after (in Fallowfield)?

Charlotte,  1st Year, Psychology

First impressions? He looked nice and easy to get on with; he has one of those friendly faces! I also liked the clothes he was wearing.

Did the date get off to a flying start? Yeah, we had quite a lot of things to talk about which surprised me. I thought it would be really awkward but it was a bit like Freshers – getting to know someone you’ve never met, but obviously it was a bit more intense as it was a date!

Best features? Smile, definitely! He also has a good personality and is really easy to talk to.

Any awkward moments?  Erm, no, none that I can think of anyway. There were a couple of slightly awkward silences but that’s normal on a blind date, right?

Did you have many things in common? A bit yeah; we have mutual friends at uni so we mostly talked about them.

What’s the weirdest thing he told you? He didn’t say anything weird – you shouldn’t say anything weird on a blind date, should you?!

What happened after you finished your meal? We walked back to Owen’s Park together and then went our separate ways.

How did you say goodbye? A friendly hug.

Kiss? [Shakes head] Nooo!

Any potential plans for the future? He was lovely and we hang around in similar circles, so it would be great to go on a night out with him. But other than that, probably not.


James, 1st Year Ancient History

First impressions? She seemed like a decent girl from the offset; she was very friendly, bubbly and chatty. Pretty, too.

Did the date get off to a flying start? Well it wasn’t awkward if that’s what you mean. She kept the conversation going which was good, and she has a really good sense of humour- for a girl [laughs].

Best features? Eyes, and she has a great figure too. She was showing off her ‘muscles’ from the gym!

Any awkward moments? Apart from when she showed me her non-existent muscles? None, really.

Did you have many things in common? Yeah we have mutual friends here which we didn’t know about, and obviously with us both being Freshers, we spoke quite a bit about our first year experiences so far.

What’s the weirdest thing she told you? She has a spending addiction, and has to hide her shopping purchases from her flat mates so that they don’t find out she’s been blowing her student loan again.

What happened after you finished your meal? We just walked back to halls together and said bye at Owen’s Park.

How did you say goodbye? Yeah this was an awkward moment actually because I wasn’t sure
what to go for – a hug, a kiss on the cheek, a wave? I went for the hug in the end; it was like the middle ground.

Kiss? Nope.

Any potential plans for the future? She was a lovely girl and I think she’d be a right laugh on a night out, so hopefully we can stay in touch and arrange to go out with our mutual friends.


A special thanks to Trof Fallowfield as always, as well as to both Charlotte and James. Please email [email protected] with your name, age and degree programme if you fancy getting involved with the next Blind Date.

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