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Blind Date Books: Is it worth it?

Blind Date Books: Is it worth it?

Blind Date Books are on the rise online and in stores. We try Blackwell’s attempt at the trend with their own mysteriously wrapped books

Blind Date: Naomi and James

Will James’ beard catch Naomi’s eye…? Find out how their date at Fallow Café went!

Blind Date: Chantei and Scott

Will Chantei’s international allure woo Scott off his feet, or will the age gap make things awkward? Read on to find out!

Blind Date: Becky and Alex

We may not have Cilla Black but Blind Date is Back! Sit back and shamelessly enjoy this healthy dose of voyeurism.

Blind Date: Emily and Jonny

Emily and Jonny don’t seem to have anything in common – but does it matter? We catch up with them after their date at Fallow to find out.

Blind Date: Lewis and Helen

Will French student Helen be speaking the language of love to blind date Lewis- or could they end up lost in translation?

Blind Date: Charlotte and James

The making of a first year fairytale? Will Charlotte and James live happily ever after (in Fallowfield)?

Blind Date: Debbie and Jonathan

Debbie, a third year maths student, met Jonathan, a second year chemist, in Trof Fallowfield. Did romance combust or were there they unable to solve their own equation

Blind date: Lucy and George

Lucy met George in Trof Fallowfield for another Mancunion blind date, but did romance blossom?

Blind Date: Sam and Lisa

Sam a Second year PPE student joined Lisa a second year Chemistry student for a blind date in Trof Fallowfield. Did romance ignite in this special ‘Valentines’ edition, the participants reveal all….

Blind Date: Tom and Sarah

After a steamy encounter at Trof: Tom, a second year Chemistry student, and Sarah, a first year biologist, reveal all.

Blind Date: Louisa & Richard

Did Richard and Louisa hit it off at Trof, Fallowfield?

Blind Date: Lucy and Patrik

Swedish sweetheart Patrick meets British babe Lucy.

Blind Date: Ash and Yasmin

There’s more to come for Ash and Yasmin

Blind date: Barbara and Courtney

Courtney falls head over heels for Barbara

Blind date: Connor and Morag

Our first blind date of the year!