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10th April 2015

Blind Date: Naomi and James

Will James’ beard catch Naomi’s eye…? Find out how their date at Fallow Café went!

Naomi, 4th Year French & Russian

What were your first impressions of him?

The beard! But luckily I’m a big fan of a beard. And he was so friendly and chatty from the outset, relief.

What’s his best feature?

His eyes or he had a really nice laugh.

What did you have to eat?

I’ve turned vegetarian for Lent so I had a falafel burger with halloumi and chips and we shared a bottle of the house red wine which went down very well.

Any awkward moments?

None at all! Conversation flowed really easily right from the start of the date.

What was the most interesting thing you found out?

That he’s the head of the student radio station Fuse FM.

How did you say goodbye?

After the meal at Fallow we decided to go for a few more drinks in Fallowfield. At the end of the night, we exchanged numbers and said bye.

Did you kiss?

No. I don’t normally kiss someone on the first date.

Would you see them again?

Yeah it would be good to get to know James a bit more.

Date out of ten?



James, 3rd Year Politics & Modern History


What were your first impressions of her?

She was really chatty and didn’t come across as shy at all so the conversation flowed straight away.

What’s her best feature?

She had a good sense of humour. She wasn’t scared to have a dig at me if I said anything stupid which was cool.

What did you have to eat?

I had the chicken and bacon ciabatta.

Any awkward moments?

Not that I recall. I can be quite awkward so I am not sure she would say the same thing.

What was the most interesting thing you found out?

She lived in Russia for a while last year so, as I am a bit of a Russian history geek, I found her stories about living and travelling around there really interesting.

How did you say goodbye?

We hugged and then went our separate ways.

Did you kiss?

We did not.

Would you see them again?

Yeah, I reckon so.

Date out of ten?


Many thanks to Fallow Café. As well as serving home-made food and drink, they also have a great selection of beer and regular live music. Visit


Kitty Treverton Jones

Kitty Treverton Jones

Lifestyle Editor

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