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Kitty Treverton Jones

Kitty Treverton Jones

Lifestyle Editor

Blind Date: Naomi and James

Will James’ beard catch Naomi’s eye…? Find out how their date at Fallow Café went!

Don’t mess with Texas

Going travelling in America? Put Austin, Texas on your list of must-see cities

How to spend your summer

It’s a little bit ridiculous how much time we get off in the summer months. Kitty Treverton Jones gives you a guide to the variety of things you can do to occupy your time

What is your course stereotype?

What does your degree say about you? Kitty Treverton Jones explores the stereotypes from a selection of university courses

5 things… to avoid at university in 2015

You may have already made, unmade, remade and completely given up on, your new year’s resolutions, but here are some things all students will do well to avoid this year.

SAD: Singles Appreciation Day

Embrace SAD! Kitty Treverton Jones asks, why should couples have all the fun on 14th February?

Ask Kitty

This week our resident lifestyle guru Kitty Treverton Jones contends with pushy parents and long distance relationships

Top tips for living harmoniously with the opposite sex

Just moved in with the opposite sex? Kitty Treverton Jones has some advice to avoid arguments