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3rd November 2014

Ask Kitty

This week our resident lifestyle guru Kitty Treverton Jones contends with pushy parents and long distance relationships

My boyfriend’s parents are really religious and recently his mum has asked me to check out a church service where I live. She keeps mentioning that I’m “lost” and I think she’s trying to convert me. I don’t want to offend the family but I am not religious in the slightest! What do I do?

That’s an awkward situation. I’d recommend going to one service to keep the peace, then talk to her and tell her it’s not really your thing. Hopefully she’ll back off a bit. You never know, you may end up loving it and this time next year you’ll be on the path to becoming a fully-fledged nun. In which case, the whole boyfriend concept will be irrelevant—problem solved.

I’m in my first year of uni but my boyfriend is about to go travelling on his gap year for six months. We want to stay together but I’m so worried he’ll meet someone else while he’s away. How can we stay strong from so far apart?

I know it’s very tempting to crack out the virtual binoculars and live on his Facebook, see whose photos he’s liking on Instagram and keep an eye on his Twitter followers, but to stop yourself going insane you will need to set yourself some limits. Send lots of saucy Snapchats, don’t be opposed to the occasional bit of Skype sex, but most importantly appreciate the fact that you have a boyfriend without having to go home and see him every weekend. Enjoy your first year of uni and let him enjoy his travels, otherwise you’ll just resent each other. The fact you’ve chosen to stay together in spite of being apart is a good sign. Stay strong!

Got a problem? Unsure who to turn to? Just ask Kitty: [email protected]

Kitty Treverton Jones

Kitty Treverton Jones

Lifestyle Editor

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