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Sex Toys R Us

Sex Toys R Us

It’s Valentines, meaning tis the season to be horny! From dildos to Kegels to saucy eggs, the Mancunion has something to please everyone. So, spread your legs, and find your new soul mate this season. May the sexopade commence!

Can you go the distance?

As a new term gets underway, we look at how long distance relationships can affect your university life and the best ways to avoid heartbreak…

Long Distance Love

Valentine’s Day isn’t just a hard time for the single people out there…

Are Long Distance Relationships Worth The Hassle?

Perisha Kudhail goes the extra mile to find out if long distance relationships are really worth the effort

Ask Kitty

This week our resident lifestyle guru Kitty Treverton Jones contends with pushy parents and long distance relationships