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Long Distance Love

For those in a relationship, February 14th often means at least the chance to gaze at your chosen victim across a pre-booked table in the nearest Pizza Express. However, for those brave few attempting to maintain a relationship across a long distance, Valentine’s Day isn’t always something to look forward to—regardless of the fact if you do have a Valentine. Without your significant other being around, you’re left in a sort of strange no man’s land between your single friends and your friends in relationships. Your single friends will most likely be doing something together—which in unfortunate circumstances—can start with the promise of a nice evening, and quickly deteriorate into a Friends-esque symbolic burning of photos of past love interests. Your friends in relationships will of course be spending the evening with their partners, with no room for a third wheel.

So, you are left with a dilemma. Either pretend that you really despise being in a relationship and buy into the anti-partner propaganda of your single friends for the night, or spend the evening watching Netflix after a pixelated Skype phone call to your boyfriend or girlfriend. Ultimately, what you decide to do is completely your decision. Maybe even if you lived in the same place, you’re not the kind of couple who would make a big deal out of it anyway, and instead, would be sat watching cartoons and throwing popcorn at each other like you would every other night. If you did decide to spend the night in on your own then nobody would blame you for it. If you have decided that you’re going to take Valentine’s Day seriously, then sending each other a parcel in the post and opening them together during your Skype conversation might be a nice thing to do, and it gives you both something to look forward to that you can do together and that relates to Valentine’s Day, too.

Most likely, Valentine’s Day is most difficult for those in long distance relationships because it reminds them of their absent partner and that society expects them to be able to celebrate it together. However, every relationship is unique and, in admitting that you miss them, it makes you more aware of how much your relationship means to you. Go out and have a great time with your friends, or stay in and have a long phone call. Either way, don’t stress about a single day just because of the label!

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