Lauren Arthur Articles

Five twitter accounts you should be following

Bored of reading about real life people’s problems? Make your timeline more interesting with these popular accounts

Technology’s the one that needs a chastity belt

With the development of a new app controlled bra, isn’t it time that technology left our love lives alone?

Do you lead a double life?

Does university allow you to create a ‘new you’? Lauren Arthur discusses.

Top five procrastination blogs

If you’re going to waste time waste it well: Lauren Arthur looks at the top tumblrs to scroll through when your productivity is wavering

Confrontation: yay or nay?

Should you speak your mind or keep your mouth zipped?

Help, I’m a traditionalist!

Are you an Elizabeth or a Jane?

Blind Date: Charlotte and James

The making of a first year fairytale? Will Charlotte and James live happily ever after (in Fallowfield)?

Valentine’s Day: the debate

Is V Day a commercial hoax or is it a truly romantic tradition? Lifestyle investigates.

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