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22nd February 2014

Five twitter accounts you should be following

Bored of reading about real life people’s problems? Make your timeline more interesting with these popular accounts

1. Harry Potter (@ArryPottah) 

None of us were ready to let go of the Harry Potter series and luckily it lives on through many a parody account. (Similar:  The Dark Lord/@Lord_Voldemort7)

 2. Classic Pics (@History_Pics)

Who doesn’t like looking at old black and whites? A collection of photos that make you go ‘ooh’, celebrities in their younger years and people who are generally cooler/more interesting than you.

 3. can you not? (@SassyGirl)

Tweeting to represent the fives fs (fabulous, feisty, fearless, feminine and fierce). Note: you may only class yourself as sassy if you get to the bottom of the third page and still find yourself relating to her wise words.

4. Faces in Things (@FacesPics)

Your door handle has a face? Yes it does, and so do a lot of other inanimate objects apparently.

5. Present Day Clueless (@ModernClueless)

Cher was from the 90s but who said she should stay there? Here she is tweeting about her woes and troubles, 2014 style.  

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