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21st October 2013

TED: a new form of inspiration

The ground-breaking global conference is returning to Manchester this November

I’m sure you’ll have heard plenty of stories in your life, from fairy tales during bed time to studying novels at school. But have you ever heard a true story that made a real impact on your life, or even changed your thinking completely? You might just find one of these when you attend the TED experience.

TED (‘Technology, Entertainment, and Design’) is a global company that aims to inspire people through talks at their conventions. The scope of these conventions has grown broader as their popularity has spread. You will find talks on ideas in any discipline, including research, the practice of science and cultural studies. TED’s ethos is “ideas worth spreading”, and they pull experts from all different fields. Attendees from all over the world have raved about these conventions, calling them “the ultimate brain spa” and “a journey into the future.”

This year Manchester is once again proudly hosting TedxSalford 3.0. Appearing will be some of the world’s most successful individuals from the technological and entertainment industries. Speakers include Thad Starner, the Technical Lead at Google Glass. He was considered the first to integrate a wearable computer into everyday life as a personal assistant, and will be explaining what Google Glass can do for us. Also attending is a mystery speaker from NASA, who will be talking through the greatest journeys and experiences from his career.

For those thinking of setting up a business after graduating, entrepreneur Rachel Elnaugh’s story will be worth hearing. The former dragon on BBC’s ‘Dragons’ Den’ won the Ernest & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2002. There will be even more hosts to meet and inspire you throughout the day, including TV broadcasters, a Nobel Prize Winner in Physics, seekers of immortality, and award-winning visual artists…. The list goes on.

So if you fancy something inspirational this November, get your tickets for TED before they run out.

TedxSalford 3.0 will be held at the Lyric Theatre at The Lowry, Salford Media City, on 10th November 2013.

Tickets available from:


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