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13th November 2013

Fashionable ways to keep dry

Scarlett shows us that Manchester rain doesn’t have to wash good style away!

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Far too often I am caught out by Manchester’s damned winter weather. I will leave the house umbrella-less, lured into a false sense of security by the sunny rays beaming through my window. Five minutes later there is a torrential downpour and I end up looking like a drowned rat. Walking into a room looking like you’ve dunked your head under Niagra Falls may be amusing for your friends, but it doesn’t do much for the old self-confidence. So, this winter I have made a resolution. I am going to invest in waterproof fashion, shield myself successfully from the onslaught of gales and rainstorms, and channel the winter goddess look instead.

If you have looked like a soggy rodent in the past, or simply want to save yourself the embarrassment (highly recommended), make sure to arm yourself with these three vital pieces of equipment.

Stylish umbrellas

The other day a sudden gust of wind blew my flimsy brolly into a thorny bush, nearly whipping me over a small garden fence in the process. My wrestling match with the shrubbery, though amusing for the general public, fuelled my determination to find a Manchester-proof umbrella. Thank god ASOS is here to solve our problems. This gorgeous Fulton umbrella has deep, domed sides which promise to keep every single pesky rain drop at bay, even in gale force winds!

Waterproof eyeliner



Long gone are the days of black streaks and smeared flicks! Benefit has come to the rescue with some seriously waterproof eyeliner. I have always been sceptical of the stuff – how ‘waterproof’ is it exactly? Could you go swimming? Or does it merely withstand a tear or two? However Benefit’s ‘Badgal’ Liner has silenced my protests. Never again will you see me roaming through the library looking like a panda – my eyes will be super defined come rain or shine.

Leather Boots



I have a major issue with wellington-worshippers. City living does not require knee length, plastic shields when all we encounter are a few ankle-deep puddles and the occasional scattering of snow. So instead of looking like a lost farmer, try out these leather riding boots from H&M. They promise to keep your feet (and calves) warm and dry, and they look great with a whole range of winter outfits.

For a fair few years now, I have championed the wet-look (literally). It is such a relief to have a waterproof wardrobe! This calls for some sort of celebration, singing in the rain maybe?

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