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25th November 2013

British beauty boffins: Lisa Eldridge

Nikki Patel tells us all about Britain’s most renowned makeup legend

Images: Lisa Eldrige YouTube

Britain’s very own Lisa Eldridge is one of the world’s leading celebrity makeup artists and beauty bloggers. Having worked with a wealth of high profile clients such as Heidi Klum, Cameron Diaz and Yasmin Le Bon, her undeniable expertise has inspired a global fan base, and transformed her into an icon for beauty lovers everywhere….

Considering her astronomical success as a celebrity makeup artist, it is perhaps unsurprising that Lisa’s passion for beauty was ignited at the tender age of 6. Eldridge recalls rifling through her mother’s old vanity case and being fascinated by the glamour of her Mary Quant crayons, Coty lipsticks and Elizabeth Arden eye shadow.

Eldridge has of course come a long way since the days of playing ‘dress up’ in her mother’s bedroom. After being booked by ELLE to work with supermodel Cindy Crawford in the 90s, Eldridge rapidly became THE go-to makeup artist for celebrities, supermodels and fashion advertising campaigns.

No stranger to success, her artistry has appeared on the covers of publications such as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and Glamour. She has also collaborated with fashion houses such as Lancome, Chloe and Prada for their publicity campaigns and runway shows. Despite her jet set lifestyle which has seen her based in ParisNew York and LA, Lisa has also made her mark on the British beauty industry. For over 10 years from 2003-2013, as the Creative director for Boots No7 she reshaped and ultimately recreated the cult brand.

Lisa is similarly renowned for her online beauty Bible Its impeccable yet easy-to-follow video tutorials and expert beauty advice have transformed it into a ‘go-to’ for makeup mavens everywhere. The charm, professionalism and variety that she injects into her videos (as well as her enviably soothing voice) is infectious and renders the world of beauty accessible and understandable for all.  Whether you’re trying to achieve the ever evasive ‘au naturale’ makeup look or want to know just how to rock a red lip a la Dita Von Teese, look no further than her site.

What sets Eldridge apart from most beauty bloggers is her extreme understanding of beauty trends and her ability to adapt and communicate them through her online videos to her fans. The high- quality of her videos in fact caught the eye of Chanel, who asked her to create digital content for their monthly online magazine ‘Makeup Confidential.’

If you can’t get enough of Eldridge keep an eye on the Beauty Section of Elle, where she will be sharing her know-how in a monthly column called ‘The Beauty Guru.’!

In need of some guidance? Here are my personal top 5 Lisa Eldridge beauty vids:

1. Marilyn Monroe Iconic Makeup Look

2. Wide Eyed 60s Lashy Dolly Eyes

3. Acne/Blemish Covering Makeup

4. Quick Tips for Perfect Foundation

5. Easy 3 Minute Smokey Eye

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