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Live: Falcons

28th November

Antwerp Mansion


It’s safe to say that the world of music is evolving. More and more artists are blending genres and creating their own brand of music, and Falcons is certainly riding this new wave. The 26 year-old artist from LA dubs his music style as ‘Post-Timbaland Step’, attributing some of his longest standing influences to the world famous rapper and producer; Timbaland, and the old school RnB legend; Missy Elliot.

In a recent gig held at the Antwerp Mansion, the artist showcased this new brand of music in his own unique way. Beginning his set with Sage the Gemini and Rustie combined with his own signature style, Falcons immediately received a great response from the crowd. Continuing with some of his own tracks such as ‘Julio (Busta Rhymes)’ – which remains hugely popular amongst Falcons fans – and his latest EP ‘Birdcall’. Falcons proved especially electric, helped greatly by the atmosphere the Mansion is famous for.

Despite the small size of the venue, it was easy to see how the artist would thrive on a bigger stage. However, when asked if he would consider some of the larger festivals that the UK offers across the year, Falcons seemed somewhat hesitant, answering, ‘absolutely, but I mean I’m not interested in compromising my style’. The artist also went on to say that he was impressed with the UK music scene, and believed that ‘people look harder for music here’, and that they ‘want to hear the new sound’. With collaborations between genres becoming ever more common, we must be aware that ‘new’ does not necessarily equate to ‘good’. As it stands however, Falcons is an artist successfully championing this ‘new sound’.

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