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4th February 2014

Live: Bank & Mekka presents Objekt

2022NQ is well and truly pounded by Objekt

13th December

2022 NQ


Along with many of today’s musical innovators, Objekt shuns the limelight. His sparse yet varied back catalogue of just six releases makes him hard to pin down. From dubstep’s last breath on ‘Cactus’, to the recent clinical march of ‘Stutter’, he’s not afraid to explore. Albeit, explore across a handful of tracks, on a few handpicked labels. Objekt is the sound of restraint. Such self-control makes each release feel like an event. How refreshing.

Unsurprisingly then, you’re not going to catch him at Sankeys every week (sorry Mr Syrossian). So, hats off to Bank and Mekka for another solid booking at a decent venue. That being 2022 NQ, a newish basement spot. Punctuated by the odd pillar, its airy dancefloor is suited to this sort of affair.

That dancefloor was then well and truly pounded by Objekt. Lit dimly by a single bulb, his lanky frame worked relentlessly for three hours. The same ferocious energy which winds its way through his productions was on full display. A rare vocally moment came in the form of Thomas Bangalter’s boisterous ‘What To Do’. Beginning with breaks, it morphs into a four-to-the-floor stomper until the two are combined in a frenetic climax.

A similar synthesis was found across the set, which gracefully moved between contrasting tempos and rhythm. Progressing through records at a faster tempo than techno is normally heard, you’re reminded that Objekt’s roots are firmly grounded in the UK. Like the Hessle boys, he provides a uniquely British and dubstep-inspired take on the 130 bpm genre. As the night came to a close, I felt a familiar sensation. Like listening to an Objekt track for the first time, my ears begged me for more. Is there higher praise for a DJ?

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