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4th February 2014

What goes up must come down

Fashion editor Susie Coen reveals what’s hot and what’s not for S/S 2014

What’s Hot

Image: Flikr Creative Commons @Vladmir Serov

P-P-P-Poker straight
Sleek, straight hair is set to be the hairstyle of S/S 2014 with models for names such as Chloe, Helmut Lang and Proenza Schouler  donning it on the runway.



Image: Flikr Creative Commons @A. Franskoy

With Elle magazine campaigning for a rebranding of feminism and Joseph Gordon-Levitt telling Ellen Degeneres he is ‘absolutely’ a feminist, feminism is slowly losing its negative implications.


Top 29.99 Zara. Image:

These soft hues are going nowhere this season. Although pink still takes the lead, invest in some lemon yellows, baby blues and mint tones too and clash, clash, clash.



Gym clothes are now a double investment as they move to the front of the fashion scene. First stop, Tiffany blue Nike Free Runs.



Loose Silhouettes
Figure hugging ensembles are gathering dust in wardrobes while culottes, circle skirts and boyfriend jeans take the limelight.


What’s Not:


Bright Trainers
My eyes bleed when I walk into office – having five different colours on a pair of trainers was never a thing. Stop it.



Image: Flikr Creative Commons @jaydeeford

Smokey eyes
Time to loose the kohl I’m afraid, ladies. Instead try this season’s staple orange lips or if you need something on your lids opt for a rich solid blue.


Bare legs are back, oh how we missed you. Spend the money you save on hosiery on taxis to your legs don’t freeze off.



Wedge-heel trainers
It never ceases to amaze me that people ever did, let alone do, wear these. They’re so wrong they should constitute an 8th deadly sin.




Dangly earrings
Drop earrings were all the rage this time last year but ear cuffs have well and truly ousted them as the ‘it’ accessory of 2014.



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