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If, like me, biting your nails is a persistent (and very unwelcome) habit that you are yet to triumph, then I hate to say this but; unfortunately it’s going to get worse.  Allow me to introduce you to Revlon’s scented nail polish, springs most scrumptious nail decoration, all the way from the US.

The collection has 20 succulent shades that are separated into three different groups: ‘fruits and florals’, ‘sweets and spices’ and ‘freshes’. Designed by Revlon’s Gucci Westman the bottles look like cute little French perfume bottles and despite the ball-shaped cap, apparently it is easily applied. The smell does not reveal itself until dry, which means that there is no prior purchase smell-test. But not to worry, I have conducted some minor research and ‘Italian Leather’, ‘African Tea Rose’ and ‘Autumn Spice’ seem to be popular choices in the US. The smells are slight and subtle (if you hold your hand four inches from your nose you can smell it) and the essential oils will not overpower your perfume.

Two applications are advised and scents last 24 hours.

Available from March at Boots stores, £6.49 each.

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