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22nd February 2014

NYC Style Tutorial

Scarlett Whittell tells us how to steal the NY style – the reigning fashion capital of the world.

If you happen to be popping over to New York sometime soon (lucky devil), now is the time to start thinking about outfits. Having recently been confirmed as the most fashionable city in the world, NYC is not the sort of place where you can don a practical fleece (nb. If you actually own a practical fleece, burn it immediately). But before you start weeping and breaking out in cold sweats, let me show you a couple of my enlightened outfit combos…

1. Stuffing your face with pancakes at breakfast

Let’s be honest, it’s probably going to happen. Who can resist the temptation of a light fluffy American pancake? Whether you are living the dream and having a hotel breakfast, or finding a bustling city café, New Yorkers have no time for people that look like they’ve just woken up. This silk shirt dress from Topshop is a gorgeous colour, and will look perfect paired with some neutral ballet pumps and a leather tote. With its forgiving floaty design, it’s the perfect breakfast partner.

Top: h&

2. Strolling through Central Park

The central issue here is looking good, whilst avoiding blisters. I’d get into town sharpish and bag yourself a pair of these long, suede boots from H&M. Couple them with a cute nautical tee and the very essence of springtime – the trench coat. This Mango piece has hints of black tailoring, which will tie in perfectly with your boots and a comfy pair of black skinny jeans. What we have achieved here, ladies, is effortless tourist chic.

3. Cocktails at The Plaza

If you didn’t already know, The Plaza is sort of a big deal. This is not the time to drag out your moth-bitten frock from prom 2k10; we need high class, eye catching fashion on a student budget. Some might shy from the challenge, but not I. If you trot on down to Miss Selfridge you will find this amazing black jumpsuit. With a cheeky bit of back on show, it’s as demure and sexy as they come. All you need are some wacker-stacker heels and this elegant gold clutch by Johnny Loves Rosie. I wouldn’t worry about the price of cocktails darling, they will be queuing up.


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