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22nd February 2014

Origami ‘How-to’:

How to make a Waterbomb!

1.To make the base, use a square of paper and fold in half diagonally.

2.Fold the top right corner to the bottom so that the folded edge lies in the centre.

3.Turn the paper over.

4.Fold top right corner to bottom point.

5.Put your thumbnails inside and separate the front from the back allowing the 2 side corners to come together. This is the completed base.

6.Fold the 2 bottom corners up to the top so that they meet at the centre. Repeat behind.

7.Fold the left and right sides in to meet the centre. Repeat behind.

8.Fold the two top [points of the front flap down to the centre on a line between the two upper corners. Repeat behind.

9.Fold the 2 little triangular flaps and tuck them into the adjacent pockets. Repeat behind. Fold the bottom point up to the centre and return.

10.Apply pressure to the top and bottom and blow into the little hole to raise the form. The water bomb is now complete!

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