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Abbie Mia Roberts

Abbie Mia Roberts

In this world of selfies, groupies, hashtag and yolo, how is traditional photography placed amidst it all?

As photography becomes the most accessible form of art in our ever-progressing world of technology and social media, is it being enriched or undermined by our incessant documenting and uploading of our experiences? Arts Editor Abbie Roberts isn’t sure…a

Origami ‘How-to’:

How to make a Waterbomb!

I swapped Facebook for knitting and won’t ever look back!

Arts Editor Abbie Roberts on the addictive procrastination alternative to social networking and its hidden associations with crime.

Origami how-to: Sombrero!

Step-by-step picture guide to making an origami sombrero by Arts Editor Abbie Roberts

Creating the Illusion

MOSI – On until Sunday 3rd November, Free Entry

Origami how-to: paper crane

Next Week – Origami Sombrero!

Bee Cultured

The Manchester worker bee