Origami how-to: Sombrero!

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  1. 1.Begin with square paper folded diagonally, fold in half and unfold to make crease.2.Fold bottom corners in to meet middle line to make a house shape.3.Fold these corners in again.4.Fold top point down

    5.Over along the middle

    6.This should result in the paper being flat. Pres flat.

    7.Turn paper over and repeat

    8.This should result in the paper being flat. Press flat.

    9.Turn paper round, open the paper along bottom edge

    10.And collapse it

    11.Into this shape. Then fold corners up. Repeat behind.

    12.On either side of model pinch outer layers of paper

    13.And pull them apart

    14.Making a flat sombrero

    15.To complete sombrero open out along the bottom edge.


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