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Origami how-to: paper crane

1. Fold square paper vertically.

2. Fold top right corner to centre bottom.

3. Turn paper over.

4. Fold top right corner to centre bottom again.

5. Put thumbs into the model, separate front from back allowing side points to come together to form a square.

6. This is the completed preliminary base.

7. Fold the left and right edges to the centre. Turn paper round and repeat.

8. Fold the top point down over horizontal edges.

9. Unfold step 7 and 8. Pull bottom corner up allowing unfolded creases to guide it into position. Turn paper over and repeat.

10. Fold the right side flap across the left. Turn paper and repeat.

11. Fold bottom point up to meet the top points. Turn paper and repeat.

12.Take hold of two inner flaps and pull.

13. Crease firmly at the bottom and reverse fold the left point to make the head.


Hold the base of the neck and pull the tail to make the wings flap.


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