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10th March 2014

Siemens Executive awarded honorary professorship

Juergen Maier will take up a five year post within the faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences
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Juergen Maier, Managing Director of Siemens UK and Ireland Industry Sector and a member of the Siemens UK Executive Management Board, has been awarded an honorary professorship by the University of Manchester.

Maier, an outspoken advocate of industry in the UK economy,  is due to take up the five year post within the faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences.

Born in Germany, Maier moved to the UK with his family at the age of ten. He went to school in Leeds before going to Nottingham Trent University to study a Siemens sponsored degree in production engineering.

After graduating, Maier immediately began his career with the company at the award-winning Drives Factory in Congleton, Cheshire. He then held posts in Germany and the UK, rising through the ranks to become Director of Industrial Controls, Divisional Managing Director, and most recently Managing Director of Siemens UK and Ireland Industry Sector.

In a statement to the University, Maier said, “I am delighted to be awarded a professorship with The University of Manchester. It will be a privilege to be directly involved in the education of our next generation of highly skilled engineers. Critically, this builds on the relationship Siemens shares with the University as a strategic partner, further embedding our commitment to share resources and knowledge.

“Together, we will work on promoting the benefits of a career in high value manufacturing and green engineering, which of course can only be enhanced by the excellent R&D reputation the University holds.”

Professor Colin Bailey, Vice-President and Dean of the University’s Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences, said, “We are very pleased that Juergen has accepted an Honorary Chair at the University. His knowledge of the engineering and manufacturing sector will support us in the education of the next generation of engineers to ensure that they have the required skills to address the challenges facing society now and in the future.”

Siemens are one of the world’s leading engineering and manufacturing companies. Based in Munich, Germany, they employ around 13,500 people in the UK alone.

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