19th November 2014

Men’s Style Sins

Nikki Patel lays out her roster of sins to be avoided by stylish Manchester gentlemen

If you’re looking to impress with your outfit choices here are five major style mistakes you might want to avoid:

High waisted trousers


The only way I can fathom how one would justify attending the mile-high pant party is through a perverse idolisation of Simon Cowell, or an even more perverse desire for the entire student population to know the exact girth of your knickknacks. Neither is ok.


Booty shorts

Photo: canadian pacific @Flickr

Junk in the trunk? Fabulous. Forcibly etching said junk into my psyche? Not so much.


Hype, Dope and all that jazz


If you regularly stroll down Oxford Road with ‘DOPE’ plastered across your flower-sprigged chest, chances are that you are in fact standing at the foot of Mount Dope surrounded by minimal ‘hype’. Those who are ‘dope’ often opt for a subtler, more chic T-shirt design, basking secretly in their own personal dopeness. Dope.


The Deep ‘V’


Whether you are teasing us with just a cheeky glimpse of your ‘meavage’ or driving us wild with desire with a sneak peek of your pubic hair, anyone spotted sporting the deep ‘V’ will be fined £50 and given a complementary scoop tee by The Mancunion.


The excessive collar

Photo: Paramount

The wearer of the excessive collar is often spotted at the club either attempting to ‘buy the bar’ or attempting to pick up girls by lurking in leather booths. Either way, your swag is sleaze-ridden and you are indirectly communicating to the world that Saturday Night Fever is your sartorial inspiration.

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