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28th November 2014

DIY halterneck crop top

As end of term approaches, student loans are dwindling and brand new garms are but a distant dream. Don’t worry, because Nikki Patel has some quick and easy DIY for a fabulous and on trend halterneck crop top.

What you will need:

-A large piece of fabric in your designed colour/pattern

-A sewing machine, and failing that a needle and thread in a colour that complements your fabric


-Fabric scissors


Step 1:

Fold your fabric in half lengthways and draw the above shape onto it, leaving a seam allowance of about half an inch. This will be the front part of your crop top. I used the shown proportions and am a size 8/10 so adjust as desired.

Step 2:

Carefully cut out your shape, making sure the scissors don’t snag your fabric. Unfold, and there you have your front piece!

Step 3:

Repeat the same process for the back piece and neck strap using the shapes below, but this time with just one, unfolded layer of fabric.

Step 4:

Neaten up your raw edges with a zigzag stitch and then double fold them a couple of times, securing with pins. Now it’s time to sew!! Secure your neat edges with a short, straight stitch.

Step 5:

Join your front and back pieces by laying them on top of each other, right sides together and pinning them together, leaving the seam allowance as excess. Again, bang out a short straight stitch to connect your pieces.

Step 6:

Fold over the top or your front piece by about half an inch. The space in between will be where your neck strap lies. Finally attach a safety pin to the strap and snake it through the gap, pull it taut and your neckline should create a ruched effect.

And there you have it: a stylish halter neck crop to breathe new life into your Saturday night ensemble (plus you get to tell all your friends that you make your own clothes!)

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