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30th November 2014

Global week an eye-opening success

Global Week 2014 has come to an end but has proven itself to be a cultural success

Global Week 2014 came to an end last Saturday. Throughout the week, University of Manchester students were given a unique opportunity to experience cultural diversity and raise international awareness. Among a series of activities, Global Night, held on November 20th, was the biggest and most impressive, attracting over 100 students.

For the Global night event, the 1st floor of the Students’ Union was converted into an airport departure hall for Global Night’s ‘One World Airlines’, coming equipped with staff dressed up as airline stewardesses, and drinks, cakes and chocolate fountains carefully laid out for the boarding students.

From here the Global Night event proceeded with a fashion show, with students from India, East Africa, Japan, China, Korea, Malaysia, Pakistan and Mauritius modeling their traditional costumes. One of the East African models said that she was slightly apprehensive whilst waiting backstage, but when her turn came and she saw the audience smile at her, the anxiety completely faded. Speaking on the night she said: “I’m so glad that I can cheer them up and make them swing with me!”

After the fashion show, the One World Airline eventually ‘took off’ with a cultural talent show. With the audiences being shown dances, singing and band performances from different cultural backgrounds from around the world.

The eye-catching programs, including belly dancing, Chinese folk dancing, Jamaican Reggae, saxophone performance and guitar playing, which won waves of cheers and applause from the enthralled audience.

Tessy Maritim, Diversity Officer of Student Union Executive Team, hoped to provide a platform for students to showcase and celebrate their culture and background by organizing Global Week, and it seems that the effort was successful. Looi Ishiko, speaking about the event said, “I have made new friends through Global Night. This event has widened my horizons and built my understanding of other cultures.” Global Week 2014, and especially Global Night, has certainly succeeded in leaving a remarkable impression on the University of Manchester Students’ Union calendar.

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