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27th February 2015

The Manchester Bucket List

Whether you’re in your final year or your first, it’s time to start making the most of the best city in the country. Sarah Heaton gives you a guide to the things you have to do before you leave

Food and Drink

Visit both Archie’s and/or all 3 Abdul’s in one night

Pretend to be a cyclist (or some other kind of good person) in order to score some free food outside the Union

Eat at Aladdin’s in Didsbury

No, really, eat at Aladdin’s in Didsbury

Visit the Richmond Tea Rooms for some high class afternoon merriment.

Pretend to be super rich and have a cocktail at Cloud 23 at the top of the Hilton

Get a burger at Almost Famous

Arts and Culture

Get into the studio audience at Jeremy Kyle (and proudly share a screenshot of your TV debut with everyone ever)

Do a graffiti walk of the Northern Quarter

Declare yourself ‘totally over’ Parklife, make plans for a full weekend of Grand Designs but then succumb to FOMO at the last minute and hunt down a ticket at treble face value

Go and watch a foreign film at the Cornerhouse (and leave with a slight superiority complex towards the uncultured plebs on the street)

Jazz + pizza = Matt and Phred’s

Nights Out

Pangaea. Enough said.

Attend at least one house party that ends up discussed on national news/BuzzFeed/in Parliament

Go to a concert at the Albert Hall

Fall asleep on the Magic Bus coming back, ideally scoring a ride home afterwards

Get kicked out of Factory for labelling the bouncers homophobic/racist

Lose a shoe to the floor of HMV Ritz

Go to Warehouse Project, lose all of your friends, abandon any hope of finding them and make new ones instead


Secure a home visit from Magic Bus Lady (or Kunshal, as she’s known to her true friends)

Play a game of Selfie Bingo with the staff of Fallowfield’s greatest takeaways

Get a spontaneous piercing from Affleck’s

Play My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding at Pastiche

Around University

Make your way onto the Spotted page and revel in your 15 minutes of fame

Have a sleepover in Ali G

Go at least a week on salt/pepper/toilet roll/cutlery you stole from the Library

Check out the view at sunset from the Simon Building sixth floor computer cluster

Become a BNOC (Big Name on Campus)—organise a club night, make loads of friends, run for GenSec and generally be a social butterfly


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