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Feisty footwear

With summer coming to a close, don’t think that your footwear has to suffer. Wearing the right footwear can make an outfit come together and make you feel on top of your fashion game. Whether it be designer or high street brands, your feet shall be fabulous.

First on our list we have the essential boot.

The Chelsea boot is a great transition from autumn to winter, so you’ll get your wear out of them. A simple yet effective choice of footwear. These are great for wearing day to day. Try wearing these picks with block coloured jeans and an easy going jumper.

Our recommendations:

Photo: Kurt Geiger

Craving – £140
Photo: Kurt Geiger

Saving - £24.99 Photo: New Look

Saving – £24.99 Photo: New Look

In winter you’ll have more festivities to wear your heels to. But just because the sun is setting a bit earlier doesn’t mean you have to tone down the glamour. A glamorous pair of heels is a must to get rid of those summer blues. Wear these picks with your “freak ’em” dress and let yourself feel like a queen!

Craving - £140 Photo: Ted Baker

Craving – £140 Photo: Ted Baker

Photo: Asos £45

Saving – £45
Photo: ASOS

Trusty sneakers come next on our list. You can choose to purchase heeled sneakers if you want a bit more “swag,” but we’re going to go for the “classic look.” Mix it up and wear these picks with a skater dress or skirt.

Sneaker 1

Craving- £47
Photo: ASOS

sneaker 2

Saving- £19.99 Photo: New Look

Last, but not least, the go-to loafer. These are a must to transition into the winter and will guide your chic/casual look. Glitter variations are a great way to add a bit of sparkle to your outfit, even on the dullest of days. Try wearing these picks with knee-length leggings and a long tee.

Loafer 1

Craving- £90 Photo: ASOS

Saving- £22.99 Photo: Asos

Saving- £22.99
Photo: ASOS

All these picks will make your feet feel sassy! So don’t let the end of the summer blues get to you, a new season equals a new closet.

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