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Perisha Kudhail

Perisha Kudhail

Graduation Gratitude

Perisha Kudhail helps you look great when graduating

Manchester’s hidden treasures

It’s time to get writing that pre-departure bucket list

What’s the Matcha with you?

Perisha Kudhail shows that purple and green must always be seen

Lost skills in fashion: Knitting

Perisha Kudhail gets woolly with knitting

How to: Wear Colour

Perisha Kudhail makes your outfit pop as she teaches you how to ditch those winter blues and inject some colour into your wardrobe

What do we expect of women in modern society?

Perisha Kudhail delves into the world of expectations to discover if ‘natural beauty’ has lost its meaning

Travelling through the accessory time machine

We learn a lot from the women in our life, but who would think they would have so much influence on our accessory choices?

Final year blues

Perisha Kudhail delves into the struggles of being a final year

Valentine’s Day Guide for inexperienced romantics

Perisha Kudhail shares her top tips for those less experienced in love and Valentine’s Day surprises.

Nails, nails, nails

Perisha Kudhail shares her sure-fire way of getting great nails

Out with the old and in with the stylish

Perisha Kudhail clears out your closet and helps you create a new look for a new year

Baby it’s cold outside

Perisha Kudhail helps you call it a night on those bitterly cold winter evenings by showcasing the best Christmas pyjamas that the high street has to offer this year

The beauty of Chai

Perisha Kudhail gets under your skin and into your shopping basket; it’s tea time

Anxiety: The Unwanted Guest

Perisha Kudhail explores the issue of social anxiety that is becoming ever more prevalent in our student society

Live: Imagine Dragons

Perisha Kudhail sees through the Smoke and Mirrors at an Imagine Dragons performance

Matcha Madness

Perisha Kudhail sees green with delicious Matcha treats at CHA.ology

Craving & Saving: Accessories

Perisha Kudhail battles out designer versus high street accessories. Crave ‘n’ save away

The evolution of suits

Perisha Kudhail tailors her way through suit history

International Fashion: sarees

Perisha Kudhail calls it a wrap as she reveals exactly how to style fabulous Indian fashion with sarees

Vintage vs. charity shops

Perisha Kudhail thinks twice about second-hand—is it unethical to buy vintage when charity shops offer the same service?