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How to: Wear Colour

Colour is what makes the fashion world go round. Anna Wintour swears by colour and, in this world of sophistication, we might be being a bit too reliant on the convenience of black. I am not condemning the significance that black plays in all of our outfit choices, but it might be time to put a splash of colour back into our outfits, ready for the spring.

There are so many creative ways to make the most out of colour and so, even if you have never really been a fan, here are a few tips to brighten up your outfit.

You don’t have to ditch the black

Just because colour season is here, don’t feel pressurised to ditch the black. Wearing the right accessories is a great way to add a colourful zing. Try a black base with a block-coloured shoe (red is always a favourite), then team this up with a matching clutch and lipstick.

The bigger the better

For those of you who are more accustomed to colour, spring is the best time to experiment with shades that suit you. For the spring, colourful prints are a fantastic way to put that edge back into your closet. Be careful not to overload and clash two opposing prints; the bigger one pattern is, the more wow it’ll have.

The colour is underneath

By using a coloured base with a block colour on top, you are adding colour in a very subtle but stylish way. From coloured socks with black shoes, to a coloured vest top underneath a cardigan, there’s always a way to add a ping to your outfit.

Keep within the same palette

As a general rule for wearing a variety of colour, it’s always best to stick to the same palette. If you are wearing pastel pink, you could tastefully pair it with a dark pink item. With this simple rule, you can compose an outfit that will help you pull off colour with ease.

Don’t be scared to experiment

Not all palettes are for everyone; you need to experiment with different tones and colours to find out what suits you. Different skin tones pull off different colours in different ways. Darker skins tones tend to pull off warmer tones beautifully and paler skin tones pull off royal colours really well. Of course, you’ll never know if you don’t try…

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