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28th January 2016

Out with the old and in with the stylish

Perisha Kudhail clears out your closet and helps you create a new look for a new year

With 2016 being a prosperous year in business, who says that it can’t be a prosperous year in fashion as well? With trends from previous years contributing to our sense of style, how do we know what to keep and how to evolve our fashion ways? Here are our stylish top tips for 2016 and how you might just surprise yourself.

It has been said that shoes can make an outfit, and we are advocates of that, so, for you to feel fabulous this year, your footwear has to be on point. Doing a shoes clean-out is one of the most liberating things you can do this year, and it’s all about elegance. Get rid of shoes that you haven’t worn in two years! Even if you think they have a chance, they probably don’t. This year, invest in a pair of day heels. Heels don’t necessarily have to mean discomfort—a good pair of heeled boots or sandals can add the glam to your day look, and what better way to grab a pair than during sale season?!

TRY: Black Woven Peeptoe Block Heel Sandals. New Look £34.99.

Photo: Mango

Now that your footwear is sorted, we can move onto the jackets. The problem that people had in 2015 was that investments were made into fast trends. They were in and out of fashion in no time! Use 2016 to look for a statement jacket which is in season every year. When sorting through your jackets, evaluate what jackets you think give you the look you want. You need a casual jacket, an evening coat, and a day coat. This threesome will ensure you are covered for all occasions, and you won’t need to faff around with what’s in fashion; it’s all about you feeling great.

TRY: Wide Lapel wool-blend coat. Mango £59.99.

Photo: Zara

When it comes to tops, it’s time to ditch the big prints that have been in your wardrobe since high school. Whatever sentiment you have attached to them, disconnect from them and invest in some plain block colours. With these tops, you get to make a canvas on those days when you have no idea what to wear. Teamed with great accessories, you could make the same top look different every time you wear it.

TRY: Long Sleeve Shirt. Zara. £29.99.

Photo: Harvey Nichols

With all this talk about clothes, we can’t forget about the make up! Make sure to throw away all of the out of date products that you have in your vanity case. 2016 won’t be a good year if you get conjunctivitis. This year is all about less is more, so put down your contouring brush and keep it simple with a good bronzer to achieve a similar effect. A light eye shadow with a fabulous volumizing mascara can beat a heavily made over face any day. It’s all about keeping it simple, yet effective. Try a new makeup product or technique, and see how you get along with it.

TRY: Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage. £26.50. Harvey Nichols.

With all these top tips for the New Year, always remember to add your own spin to what you wear. Experiment with different styles and don’t be scared to try something new. You never know, your stylish new technique might be your new go-to. Happy New Year!

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