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Photo: Cha.Ology

Matcha Madness

Matcha has come to Manchester! Joanne Lee, the founder of CHA.ology has revolutionised this tea-loving nation by working her magic with tea in the form of baked goods. From her Matcha Tiramisu to her Matcha Cream roll, this upcoming baker is cooking up a storm.

Matcha is the fine ground powder of green tea leaves, and Joanne uses only the finest. Imported from Uji, Japan, to ensure the taste of freshness and stamp a mark of quality on all CHA.logy products, Matcha is a running ingredient throughout CHA.ology’s selection continues to expand in order to bring the taste of Japan to familiar treats and sweets here in Manchester. With CHA meaning tea, CHA.ology experiments with other tea flavours to complement the matcha and help our taste buds experience tea heaven. Joanne has experimented from the heart of her own quirky kitchen to deliver immaculately packed goods and hopes to bring this relaxed vibe to her tea house in the New Year.

Joanne Lee has worked her magic on lots of delicious classics, using tea as the foundation for flavour. These are just a few of many products which are favorited by CHA.ology customers.


CHA.ology Matcha White Chocolate Tart

Photo: Cha.Ology

Photo: Cha.Ology


The Matcha White Chocolate Tart has quickly become adored by CHA.ology regulars. This elegant tart has matcha and white chocolate ganache alongside a lovingly baked shortcrust pastry. Joanne recommends this delight to be eaten at room temperature to retain the creamy texture of the filling. A great indulgence.






CHA.ology Jar Desserts – Hojicha Panacotta

Photo: The Mancunion

Photo: The Mancunion


With a selection of desserts to offer, served in endearing jars. The Hojicha Panacotta is one to look for. Hojicha is a roasted tea with very little caffeine, so you don’t have to feel bad if you decide to have it as a midnight treat.







CHA.ology Matcha Pound Cake

Photo: The Mancunion

Photo: The Mancunion


CHA.ology’s delicious sponge pound cake is a great surprise for those who you are share with (or not). With a matcha exterior and a vanilla interior, the pound cake comes in different shapes and sizes. This beauty is available in CHA.ology’s christmas hamper with a star shape to add to the festive fun.


With such a variety of baked goods, this is only a sample of what CHA.ology offers. With a tea house soon to open behind Northern Quarter, you’ll be able to grab treats on the go and experience matcha at its best. In the meantime, check out the CHA.ology Facebook page and order Joanne’s delicious treats in time for Christmas. Also, take a look at CHA.ology’s Instagram to get your appetite going and watch Joanne’s exclusive bakery videos.

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