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2nd December 2015

The beauty of Chai

Perisha Kudhail gets under your skin and into your shopping basket; it’s tea time

With skincare gaining more and more prominence, it’s a wonder that we’re able to keep up with all the products that are stacking the shelves. Skincare doesn’t have to be a regimented routine. In fact, such a routine can actually result in a damaging effect. When it comes to you skin, sometimes less really is more, and what better way to start your skincare regime than from within.

The beauty of living in such a diverse city is that we have access to a fabulous collection of food and drink. Why not use this to our advantage? With herbal teas taking over the market, why not use them to give your skin the boost it needs. Here are our top super teas to keep your youthful glow.


Matcha is the fine ground powder made from green tea leaves. It is stored away from oxygen and sunlight to retain its fabulous green colour. This green gem can be drank simply by adding warm water. Uji, Japan, is the heart of matcha production, so if you manage to get your hands on some from Uji consider it gold for the skin. Matcha contains antioxidants and vitamins that have been consumed for over a millennium. This wonder contains catechins which is the most potent in matcha. Not only is matcha packed full of vital minerals, but is renowned for cancer fighting properties. Drinking matcha can improve the condition of your skin and keep it that way. People will be green with envy.

TIP: Replace your morning caffeine boost with matcha to boost you skin with daily minerals and keep you energised until the evening.


Hojicha is a roasted tea and because of the low caffeine content, can be a fantastic way to hydrate the skin. Hydration is important for skin and results in a fresh glow that skincare products just can’t give you. As well as being a natural boost, hojicha can be drank before bed and it won’t keep you awake. This ruby jewel contains vitamins that will help fight bacteria and detoxify your body, resulting in a light detox for the skin. Just like matcha, hojicha is also known to have anti-cancerous properties. Hojicha can be enjoyed as a drink, but can also be made into face masks and rubbed directly onto to the skin. This is a great way to get rid of those pesky eye bags.

TIP: If you choose Hojicha as a bedtime drink, the vitamins can get to work whilst you dream.


Yujacha tea is Korean tea, which is made from the yuzu fruit. This herbal delight is a sweet tea that is a great source of vitamin C. Vitamin C is vital for your skin as it is key for collagen production and helps your skin remain strong and firm. Not only can it keep the bounce in your skin, but is essential to help your skin repair. Yujacha tea is fantastic for tissue repair, so can help speed up the healing process and even help reduce the look of scars.

TIP: Replace your fizzy drinks with chilled Yujacha tea, for a healthy sweet boost.

These teas are just a few herbal teas that can help your skin get the boost it needs, so ditch all the fancy stuff, and stick with tea.

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