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Final year blues

With half of the year already behind us, we can’t help but be aware that our university life won’t last forever. The final year blues are beginning to loom. ‘Where shall I work?’ ‘Will I ever get a job?’ ‘I’m hopeless.’ These negative thoughts are common amongst us final year students, but it’s important to bear in mind that this is normal. You’re not the only one who feels like they haven’t got everything sorted. This mindset is not the way to progress, and when you stop and think about it, things aren’t always as bad as they seem.

1.     You’ve made it this far!

You’ve made it to third year. This has got to show that you’ve done something right (at least academically anyway). Keep this in mind to get you through to the end, perhaps make a couple of to-do lists and keep ticking away at it to make sure you feel like you’re winning in the race against university time.

2.     Slowly, but surely.

It may seem that things are slowing down, but you still have another half of the year to make the most out of everything. Although the workload is increasing, it’s still not too late to implement the ‘little and often’ mantra. If you start doing this now, you can use your spare time to get involved into other things. Doing this will ensure a dose of positivity everyday, and days off will be deserved.

3.     Keep the moaning to a minimum.

In order to build and maintain a positive mindset, you’ve got to take those negative feelings and tune them into productiveness. Keep the moaning to a minimum and think about what you can do, and why it is that you are worrying. Even if it’s something as little as a messy bedroom, clean it up and be done with it.

4.     Sooner rather than later.

We’ve all been there, paper due in tomorrow, presentation practise in the morning, revision cramming—but we still have time to make sure that this isn’t an issue in these last few months. If you’re doing a dissertation, a little chipping at the word count will mean that your finished piece will come around sooner than you think. Take time out everyday to do some academic work and half-an-hour to an at least an hour to take a look at the job scene. This way you’ll keep both avenues separate and you’ll feel organised.

5.     Me time.

As hard as it may feel to stay positive, sometimes a bit on me time is enough to make you feel better. Don’t get paranoid about what other people think, because no matter how social you are, everyone needs a bit of alone time. If you keep chipping away at the things you need to do, when you have a bit of time to yourself, you will not feel guilty, but more relaxed.

Good luck final years!

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