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28th October 2015

International Fashion: sarees

Perisha Kudhail calls it a wrap as she reveals exactly how to style fabulous Indian fashion with sarees

Sarees have played a vital role in Indian fashion since the time of the Moguls and are mostly worn in South Asia. This elegant and traditional item of clothing is the staple of many Indian Women’s wardrobes.

A saree is a long piece of material, which is elaborately draped around the body, and is traditionally worn with a crop blouse. A saree has a lot of potential, since it can be worn in so many different ways. You can get away with wearing the same saree and making it look completely different by the way that you wear it—amazing!

There are three main components to wearing a saree: an underskirt, the saree itself, and your blouse.

The underskirt is worn underneath the saree and the colour of the underskirt should match the colour of your saree. The underskirt ensures that even if you wear a sheer saree, your legs won’t be visible through it and therefore will not ruin the look. In order to fit the underskirt to your waist size, many have either elastic around the waist or a tightening belt.

The blouse piece is also important, since this is the only piece of the saree that is fitted to your size. Feel free to share the saree with family and friends, but the blouse is measured to your bust, so that you can design it just as you like it. One option is to choose a low saree back and experiment with the neck line. A lot of sarees have an accompanying blouse piece with them, that you can get tailored to your size, but don’t feel obligated to use that piece.

The saree itself is the exciting bit! There are so many designs on offer; sometimes it’s impossible to choose just one. Sarees are not only a part of everyday wear for many South Asian Women, but are also worn to more formal events like weddings and parties. The level of extravagance found on a saree is dependent on the occasion for which it is being worn. The pleating of a saree is great because it can be adjusted depending on the height and hip size of a person.

Try wearing a saree to your next occasion for a different angle. Pair with bangles and bindis for the authentic look. There are many shops on Wilmslow road where you can purchase sarees at decent prices.

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