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UoM to give students more choice over remote study in provisional flexible learning plan

//Breaking: UoM to give students more choice over remote study in provisional flexible learning plan More

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Fight in University of Manchester library caught on camera

//Breaking: Fight in University of Manchester library caught on camera More

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Nails, nails, nails

People often forget that nails are an accessory, too. Keeping our nails in pristine condition is a great way to snazz up your look. We understand, with the stresses of being a student, that your nails are not always on your list of priorities, but we have some sure-fire ways to keep your nails looking gorgeous with minimal effort.

For a basic manicure, it’s always best to stick with a block colour before you begin nail designs. Keeping your actual nails healthy and looking great is always the way to go, rather than caking your nail with layers and layers of nail varnish. This is our simple manicure to get your nails on point.

1.     First begin by cleaning all the old nail varnish from the nail.

2.     Then file your nail into the desired shape. You could go rounded, square, or pointed.

3.     Then run your hands under some warm water.

4.     Next, pop on some hand cream and push your cuticles back.

5.     After this step you can choose to buff and paint your nails or simply leave them natural.

This quick-time manicure will mean that your nails strengthen over time and, even without nail varnish, your nails will look fantastic.

So now you’ve got the base sorted, you can start experimenting with colours. Here are a few tips to get a professional look.

If you don’t want to go be too outrageous, you could start with simple statement nail. The statement nail can be anything from an out-of-the-norm colour to a pattern that you can have some fun with. Check out these great nail options that will make you look like you’ve come straight out of a nail bar.

Photo: ASOS

Photo: ASOS

Barry M Aquarium Nail Paint Collection, £3.99.

This nail paint is a quick and easy way to funk up your nails. The glitter will provide an extra glam factor and is perfect for a statement nail. Barry M are renowned for their heavy duty brushes, making the application process that little bit easier.

Photo: Essie

Photo: Essie

Essie ‘Fall in the Lobby’ Nail Polish, £7.99.

Essie nail polishes are brilliant for achieving a nail salon look without the price tag that comes with it. This nail paint is long lasting and gives the appearance of gel, so you can get a professional look without even leaving the house.

Photo: Boots

Photo: Boots

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Polish, £9.99.

When it comes to nails, you can’t leave your nail polish collection free of Sally Hansen. This selection of nail colours not only look fab, but help strengthen your nails as well. That’s our kind of nail polish!

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