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29th September 2015

Shop and raise money for charity with Care2Save

Care2Save is a charity that raises money when you shop. Kathryn Murray tells us more

Everyone loves a good shopping spree, it is a great feeling. But the feeling you get when you help people is so much better. What if you could combine your favourite hobby with helping charity? Well now you can. Care2Save is a charity that makes it easy for students to raise money for a charity of their choice by purchasing an item for one of their favourite retailers at no extra cost. By using, users can find the latest deals offered by retailers including Ryman, ASOS, Boots and over 2,000 more!


Here are a few options that Care2Give can cater for.


From hair dye, to first aid kits, to the basic essential like shampoo and conditioner—Boots has it all! Shop Boots through Care2Save and up to 8 per cent of every penny you spend will be donated to charity.


If like me you are a bit obsessed with stationary, you can use Care2Save too! Shop Ryman through Care2Save and up to 10 per cent of every penny you spend will be donated to charity.


Fluffy cushion here, fairy lights there, and obviously shoes and handbags are always on our wish lists. So why not help charity while you are splurging. Shop Very through Care2Save and up to 10 per cent of every penny you spend will be donated to your choice of charity.


Asos is one of my go to sites when updating my wardrobe. Be warm yet stylish this autumn and try buying a jacket from Asos through Care2Save. Here are a few of our picks for the new semester that will give up to 5 per cent donation:

Photo: ASOS
Jacket – £85 Photo: ASOS
Jacket – £27.50


About The Care2Save Charitable Trust:

The commission is split into two; 80 per cent goes to a registered charity of the shopper’s choice and the remaining 20 per cent goes to the Care2Save Charitable Trust which supports hospice and palliative care in the UK and globally.

Care2Save is the only shopping website of its kind run by a charity, and the website through which 100 per cent of the commission from each purchase is retained within the charity sector.

Want to find out more? Visit for more information.

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