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30th September 2015

Fashion Factor

With the X-Factor being an autumn staple for over ten years, Kathryn Murray looks at what we can expect from the show’s style department

Autumn is swiftly approaching, and that can only mean one thing, that the X Factor is back on TV. Congratulations if you have managed to kick the habit; I promise myself every year that I won’t watch it, and then manage to find myself switching over to ITV, just in time for the dramatic music and over-the-top montages. The singing isn’t always awe-inspiring; however the fashion choices are usually entertaining enough.

With glam gal Cheryl Fernandez-Versini on the judges panel, it is almost certain that a few interesting pieces will be worn. Obviously there will be the odd beaded ball gown, perhaps a thigh-high split to add a bit of risk to our Saturday night, and maybe even a tailored suit!

Our girl Cheryl usually goes for a strong look, and is usually successful. It will be interesting to see how newbie Rita Ora will measure up in the fashion stakes.

With her being known for some controversial choices (you know, wearing a suit jacket but no bra or top underneath on morning TV certainly got tongues wagging), we can expect to be intrigued by what she wears every weekend. After seeing a few questionable choices in the early stages of this year’s series, I can’t say I am a fan of her hotch-potch of colours, or clothes… because surely a jacket has two sleeves? But I am sure Miss Ora will be styled exactly how she wants to be, and with her out-of-the-box thinking, the result can only be captivating.

Where Nick and Simon are concerned, I am afraid things will be a bit more boring. Simon will wear a V-neck white shirt, maybe with a blazer, maybe without. But that is about the only thing that needs to be guessed about his fashion choices. Nick Grimshaw on the other hand is also a fresher at this judging business, leaving us slightly more in the dark about what lurks in his wardrobe. Only time will tell if he goes for a more adventurous style than Mr Cowell and obviously Louis Walsh. Although that can’t be hard to do.

With the judges being the main fashionistas of the show, it is sometimes hard to forget that the contestants are there to be noticed, too. I have to admit, I do enjoy the “makeovers” that the final 12 acts go through, even if it is a trim and a quick dab of lipstick. Any acts that are in the group category can usually be expected to go with a colour scheme, which is in equal parts embarrassing and cute.

Then of course there is what is going on with other people on stage!  It must be an unwritten rule that a female dancer must strut around any young male contestants, so expect flipping of short skirts and prancing around in heels. The dancers are often randomly dressed, usually in similar colours. Maybe with weird accessories like gold masks, or even a leg warmer or two. I really have no idea what goes on with the dancers’ outfits, if I’m honest. But surely there must be some explanation?

There you have it. The Fashion Factor. Expect big hair, bold make-up, embellishment, sky high heels, and probably some misplaced shoulder pads! It is basically the same every year. But the generic nature is what we have to love.

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