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4th October 2015

Research grants awarded to Salford students

Five undergraduates at the University of Salford have been awarded £10000 to research childhood cancer treatments
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Five current University of Salford students have been awarded research grants to study childhood cancer treatments.

Undergraduates Louise Chan, Parham Manouchehri, Zakia Zia, Liam Dey and David Scannali all study at the university’s Department of Environment and Life Sciences. The five students will carry out childhood cancer research projects in the upcoming academic year as part of the university’s industrial placement scheme.

Each student has been given £2,000 by Kidscan, a Salford-based children’s cancer research charity, to cover any laboratory costs including chemicals and equipment.

They will be supervised senior members of the Biomedical Science Research Centre for the duration of the year-long projects.

The number of placements that have been funded is a record for the charity.

Kidscan, which was founded in 2002, works to develop new and improved cancer treatments specifically aimed at children. The organisation funds research into drug treatments and support schemes for children battling cancer.

The treatments are developed to be just as effective as those undergone by adults, but without as many side effects that could be particularly harmful for children, both physically and mentally.

Dr David Pye, Scientific Director at Kidscan, said: “We have been extremely impressed by the innovative areas of research that this year’s placement students are now able to pursue.

“It’s exciting to be able to provide these talented students with a way to grow and develop their skills, whilst also exploring important new areas of research into childhood cancer treatments.

“We are only able to provide opportunities for the cancer researchers of the future because of the support we receive from fundraisers. We thank them wholeheartedly for making this possible.”

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