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Rossy Natale

Rossy Natale

Student activist forms new democracy party in Hong Kong

Wong gained public recognition through ‘the umbrella movement’ and seeks to protest the One Country, Two Systems policy with his newly-formed party

Positive coping mechanisms may help UK academics deal with stress of the job

A study on UK university academics has revealed the need to teach staff how to deal with stress in a positive way

University of Buckingham brings in sniffer dogs to improve mental health

The University of Buckingham has recently invited sniffer dogs onto their campus as part of their “zero tolerance” drug policy

Manchester staff oppose “dangerously vague” Prevent policies

University lecturers are particularly worried about the prospect of jeopardising their academic integrity and oppose surveilling the behaviour of students

A life lecture from British “super-surgeon” Dr. David Nott

David Nott, an NHS consultant surgeon and voluntary humanitarian aid worker, delivered a life lecture to the Manchester medical faculty this week

New study reveals the importance of being in tune with the Earth

A recent study working on mutated mice has implicated the importance of having an internal clock that is synced with the 24 hour cycle seen on Earth

Cambridge remove fundraising video containing “aggressive racist” alumnus

Students and staff of the University of Cambridge have protested a recent video made by the University that contains an alumni with a history of racially insensitive comments

Council makes move to open buildings for Manchester’s homeless

Two buildings in Manchester are set to be opened as shelters for rough sleepers this coming winter

Genetically modified mosquitoes may eradicate malaria NOT FOR ONLINE

Scientists have engineered a new strain of mosquito that contains malaria resistant genes.

Student and parent group protests budget cuts for disabled students

Protesters took to the Trafford Town Hall this past week to protest recent budget cuts for disabled students

Manchester Science Festival Explores the Funny Side of Dark Matter

The BBC’s Infinite Monkey Cage series recorded their latest episode at the Museum of Science and Industry in which they explored the unknown 95 per cent of the universe—dark energy and dark matter

Cambridge Master scolds student bullies for “sadistic initiation rites”

A University of Cambridge don has attacked “laddish” undergraduate students after the college’s Freshers week initiation ceremonies this past month

Manchester professor denies “wildly optimistic” UN claims on Climate Change

A Manchester professor has dismissed the UN’s proposed plan of action and is calling for more revolutionary actions to combat global climate change

Discovery sheds new light on the minds of dinosaurs

Experts have reconstructed one of the most complete sauropod braincases ever found in Europe

Mummified animal exhibition opens at Manchester Museum

A new exhibition centered around a extensive collection of mummified animals has opened at the Manchester Museum

Research grants for Salford students

Five Salford students will be funded by Salford-based cancer charity Kidscan to develop treatment techniques

Research grants awarded to Salford students

Five undergraduates at the University of Salford have been awarded £10000 to research childhood cancer treatments