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14th October 2015

Craving and Saving: Lipstick dupes

Craving a high end lipstick that is out of your budget? Not to fear – Fleur Stevens is here to transform your craving into a saving, focusing on MAC dupes

Now, I don’t know about you, but my favourite thing in the world is lipstick. I mean, it’s so useful. You wear it on your lips, on your cheeks as a cheek stain, and even on the eyes as an eyeshadow. You can buy ones that are moisturising, glossy, matte, and even simple lip stains; everything a girl needs in one product!

I know that if I wasn’t a student I would spend the majority of my wages on MAC’s products—specifically, their wonderful lipsticks. Their range of colours, formulas, and packaging blows me away every time I enter a MAC shop, and although all of this captures my attention, the pricing definitely does not. Who can seriously justify spending over £10 on a lipstick? Definitely not me! But that doesn’t mean you have to do without. Listed down below are my top three MAC lipstick dupes, so that you can enjoy your favourite lip product without destroying the bank.

If you’re a lover of dark pinkish nudes like me, MAC’s ‘Craving’ will be one of your go-to lipsticks. It’s a ‘your-lips-but-better’ kind of lippy that glides onto your puckers smoother than the softest butter—or for us more girly-girls: silk. If it’s the colour and formula you’ve fallen in love with, then look no further than Maybelline’s Colour Sensational in ‘Party Pink’. Not only is Maybelline affordable, but the luxury and feel of the product makes your lips feel loved, energised, and looking flawless.

Craving – MAC in ‘Craving’ £15.50
Photo: MAC Saving – Maybelline in ‘Party Pink’ £6.99
Photo: Maybelline


This next lipstick is perfect for those crazy nights out. MAC’s ‘Impassioned’ will leave any girl feeling confident and sexy. But what if you want to feel confident and sexy… on a budget? Rimmel’s Kate Moss Lasting Finish in ’06’ has your name written all over it. Not only is the colour nearly identical to ‘Impassioned’, but the packaging is just as fancy and leaves you feeling ‘impassioned’ and ready for anything.

Craving – MAC in ‘Impassioned’ £15.50
Photo: MAC Saving – Rimmel London in ’06’ £5.49
Photo: Superdrug


My last dupe is probably my favourite. The first time I set my eyes on MAC’s ‘Honey Love’, I swear I felt a tear dripping down my cheek. Not only was it the most perfect nude for my skin tone, but it also looked as if I wasn’t wearing anything on my lips. Result! Since I first received this lipstick as a gift, I was astonished when looking at the prices. I quickly realised that I needed to find the perfect dupe to stop the ‘Honey Love’ withdrawals, which were coming on strong. L’Oréal’s ‘Fairest Nude’ quickly became my saving grace. Although it took me a while to find, once I had, I never looked back. I wish ‘Honey Love’ was permanently in my collection, but ‘Fairest Nude’ is definitely a nude colour I’d settle for. And so if you, too, are worried about missing your favourite MAC nude shade, you no longer have to be. L’Oréal has your back… and your lips.

Craving – MAC in ‘Honey Love’ £15.50 Photo: MAC Saving – L’Oréal Paris in ‘Fairest Nude’ £6.99
Photo: Drugstore

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