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Shimmering supremacy: Long live lip gloss

Shimmering supremacy: Long live lip gloss

Dive into the revival of lip gloss in modern beauty culture and discover why it’s reclaiming its throne in the realm of cosmetics
Dua Lipa: The new face of YSL

Dua Lipa: The new face of YSL

Yves Saint Laurent are marketing towards a new young audience with Dua Lipa as their brand ambassador but what does this mean?

NYX: the soft matte lip cream

Shannon Winterbone talks through the perks of NYX’s cult liquid lipstick

Purple’s playmate

In an effort to embrace a more adventurous make-up palette, we examine the pros and cons of using purple and its complementary colour, yellow

Craving & Saving: AW15 beauty must-haves

Laura Mills gives you the beauty lowdown on her top 3 makeup picks for AW15, and how to save yourself a whopping £70.51

Dark lipstick: Purple is the new black

Perisha Kudhail gives you a rundown of the best dark lipsticks on the market—the perfect final touch for any Hallowe’en outfit

Craving and Saving: Lipstick dupes

Craving a high end lipstick that is out of your budget? Not to fear – Fleur Stevens is here to transform your craving into a saving, focusing on MAC dupes

Top 5: Lipstick essentials

Which shade will you go for? Here are Kassi Allcock’s top 5 lipstick picks that you need in your collection

What’s in my mum’s make-up bag?

Kassi Alcock delves deep into her mother’s make up bag for a little beauty enlightenment

Welsh boy wears make-up

We put make-up on a boy. This is his story

Classic make up tutorial

This tutorial will help create a flawless finish, paying particular attention to defined eyes and lips

Top 5 Christmas Beauty Gifts

Christmas always coincides with the release of lots of exciting new make-up sets. Ella Westall takes us through her top 5 picks

All I want for Christmas …

Dearest, darling Santa Clause. All I want for Christmas is …

Loving & Loathing: 90’s Trends

Ella Westall talks mom jeans and brown lipstick.

Getting Lippy With It

Joanna Dryden gives us a brief history of the most iconic of make-up bag essentials: the red lip.