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Top 5: Lipstick essentials


MAC 'Syrup' Photo: The Mancunion

MAC in ‘Syrup’
Photo: The Mancunion

Every one needs a nude shade in their make up bag—it’s an absolute must have. Whether you’re heading out for a night on the town, or on the hunt for an easy everyday lipstick, nude will be your best friend. The Kardashians have popularised this look in the past few years, but a natural-looking lip is timeless. Personal recommendations include MAC in ‘Brave’, MAC in ‘Syrup’ (pictured), and for a drugstore alternative, Rimmel London in ’48’ from the Kate Nude Collection.


Classic Red

Maybelline 'Siren in Scarlet' Photo: The Mancunion

Maybelline ‘Siren in Scarlet’
Photo: The Mancunion

You can never go wrong with a strong red lip! It doesn’t matter what time of the year it is, or what your plan is for that day—a bit of red lippy will always put you in a poised and sassy mood. Complete the look with a bold black cat-eye flick and a volumising mascara and watch your confidence levels rise. The top three red lipsticks in my collection include MAC in ‘Ruby Woo’, Maybelline in ‘Siren in Scarlet’ (pictured), and Rimmel London in ‘Kiss of Life.’


Blushing Pink

Estée Lauder 'Pink Parfait' Photo: The Mancunion

Estée Lauder in ‘Pink Parfait’
Photo: The Mancunion

Definitely more of a summer favourite, pink lipstick tends to be quite seasonal. Regardless, it is an essential for everyone’s collection, and there is quite a variety of different styles to choose from. A matte pink can look flawless—just be conscious of dry, chapped lips! My go-to is MAC in ‘Pink Plaid’. There is also the shimmery pink, adding a bit of sparkle to your everyday make up. I tend to opt for Estée Lauder in ‘Pink Parfait’ (pictured), when I need a bit of a pick me up. Oh, and don’t forget lipgloss!


Deep Berry

Collection 'Prohibition' Photo: The Mancunion

Collection in ‘Prohibition’
Photo: The Mancunion

Moving onto a slightly more season appropriate shade, a deep berry is an essential for autumn and winter. There are many to choose from, both from the drugstore and high end, but my all-time favourite is one of the cheapest on the market. Coming in at a mere £3.99, Collection in ‘Prohibition’ (pictured) is an absolute dream to apply, gliding over my lips effortlessly. Top tip: Combine with a burgundy nail and a plaid scarf for optimal styling potential.


Daring Vamp

MAC 'Up The Amp' Photo: The Mancunion

MAC ‘Up The Amp’
Photo: The Mancunion

This one is for the more adventurous and fearless lipstick wearers—the vamp purple. Although it probably couldn’t be classed as an everyday shade, you could certainly get your use out of it deep into the winter. I am not usually brave enough to pull off a purple lip, only opting for it when wearing an all black outfit and in need of a burst of colour. The one that will have a permanent home in my lipstick collection is MAC’s ‘Up The Amp’ (pictured)—but Topshop’s lip bullet in the shade ‘Get Me Bodied’ works a charm too.

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